Cloud-Based Software Services for Business

Technology presents the business world with new opportunities to add efficiency and increase cost effectiveness on a regular basis. Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of growth in cloud-based software. For those of us who are not directly involved in IT, this concept might be a bit ambiguous. The best explanation you might have gotten to this point could have come from the recent Microsoft ad campaign directing consumers “To the cloud.”

What is Cloud Software

In its rawest form, cloud-based business software takes programs that handle everything from backing up data to the POS software that you use in a restaurant or retail establishment and allows it to live on the internet. Instead of buying a physical disk or CD ROM, uploading it to your computer and using it solely on the computers that you have uploaded it to, you can simply sign on to the internet. Then you direct yourself to the website that hosts the cloud software, and you can use the business tool without ever needing to hold a CD in your hand. Basically you accomplish the same business functions that you would with less hassle and some additional benefits.

Benefits of Using Cloud Based Software

  • Get exactly what you need: Sometimes you buy a software package and only use half of the features, yet you paid for all of them. With cloud-based applications you only pay for what you use.
  • Expand your access: With physical software, you can only use the tool on the computers you have downloaded it to. With cloud based software you can use it at your office, restaurant, construction site (basically wherever you work) and still have the freedom to check in from your smart phone or home computer when you are away from the workplace.
  • Protect your data: Cloud software is managed by more IT professionals than most businesses can afford—or need—to keep on staff. This means that the information you store with them is regularly backed up (saved) in a secure place and that the software itself has IT gurus watching to make sure that hackers and viruses do not find their way into your business information.
  • Stay current: You might be able to upload patches for your physical software if they are available and you remember. With cloud software, the company that operates it updates your business tools automatically, saving you time and giving you access to the newest technology.

Cloud software is one of the fastest growing sectors of the technology industry because it’s so useful for enterprise. It is just another way to save money and make your business better. If you are looking for ways to do this via staffing, we are always here for you.


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