Managing Safety on the Construction Site

Although a vital industry to the community, construction work ranks as one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Workers face the possibility of injury or death while they climb, build, or use heavy machinery. Construction managers face a heavy responsibility to make sure their workers are well trained and safe while they build on the job site. Many accidents can be prevented by a careful foreman who anticipates dangers before they arise.

Environmental Safety

Arizona construction workers automatically face two safety concerns before they even pick up a tool: extreme heat and dangerous outdoor critters that can hide amidst the chaos of a construction site. The foreman should carefully observe the environment his workers will be performing in before the job begins. To prevent heat-related illnesses, plenty of water should be available to keep the team hydrated, and a regular schedule of breaks should be set up to give team members an escape from the heat.

Head Protection

A universal rule for any construction site is “cover your head.” Mandatory use of a hard hat should be in effect whether the worker is on the ground or in the air. This can protect them from falling objects, head bumps, or exposure to electrical hazards while on the job.

Preventing Falls

Falling is the most common cause of fatality on construction sites. The foreman can help protect his workers from this threat by consistently using guard rails, safety nets, and fall arrest systems where there is potential for a dangerous fall. A foreman can tell where to use extra precautions by looking out for high, unstable surfaces, where the majority of falls will take place.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In Arizona, worker’s compensation insurance is mandatory on construction sites. Your policy will cover any injury or illness that results from the work environment, without question to who is it at fault. Sometimes workers’ compensation will also provide a temporary or permanent income for those who cannot come back to work after an accident. Policies can be provided by a licensed insurance company or employers can apply to become self-insured by contacting the Industrial Commission of Arizona.

Hopefully, your site will remain accident free. Nothing troubles an employer more than the potential of staff injury on the job. If you would like to bring on staff who have already completed some general safety training, visit us online and find out more about what we can offer.


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