Finding the Best Staffing Agencies: 3 Questions to Ask

Human resources manager shakes hand with a new hire after finding qualified employees through a staffing agency.

Even though you’d like to fill your open positions quickly, it’s important not to rush into an agreement with a staffing agency until you’ve done your homework.

If you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance your company needs to find qualified employees to fill a temporary or long-term position. We’re also willing to guess you don’t have time for a lengthy hiring process to find the perfect fit for the task at hand, not to mention finding candidates who match your corporate culture. This is exactly the position many of our clients find themselves in before reaching out to us for help with staffing.

However, although you’d like to fill your open positions quickly, it’s important not to rush into an agreement with a staffing agency until you’ve done your homework. In this post, we’re going to explore three questions to ask a staffing agency before moving forward with a solution. The best staffing agencies should be prepared to answer these questions to your satisfaction. The ones that can’t? Well, you might want to cross them off your list and move on.

How to Choose a Staffing Agency – The Best Questions to Ask

1. What Type of Staffing Solutions do You Offer?

The answer to this deceptively simple question can speak volumes of the staffing agency’s ability to meet your hiring needs as they directly pertain to your industry or your goals. For example, are you looking for temporary staffing services in construction—either for a short period of time or long-term? Or, maybe you’re looking for personnel staffing in an office environment. Either way, take a few moments to get familiar with the full extent of the staffing services available through the agencies on your short list.

2. What Type of Training do Your Temporary Employees Receive?

If anyone off the street was qualified to fill your open positions, you wouldn’t need a staffing agency to help find the right people for the job. In addition to sourcing quality employees on behalf of clients, some staffing agencies go the extra mile by providing relevant training to ensure a great fit. At Labor Systems Job Center, we work together with our clients to better understand the responsibilities, equipment and necessary skills to work productively from day one.

3. What Happens if My Staffing Needs Change Suddenly?

Whether you’re staffing up for a busy seasonal period or you’re enjoying a year-over-year increase in demand, the temporary staffing solution you need today may not be the one you need tomorrow. This is why it’s important to partner with a staffing agency that offers a variety of solutions without the need to sign binding contracts.

We Can Help You Find the Staffing Solutions You Need

For over 25 years, we’ve offered flexible, reliable staffing services that help our clients find quality employees at a moment’s notice. The secret to our success? We know what we’re good at, and we’ll be the first to tell you if we think there’s a better staffing solution out there for you. If you’d like more help with how to choose a staffing agency, contact us today to learn more about what we offer. Or, find a Labor Systems staffing agency near you.

5 Quick Tips for Reducing Your Cost-per-Hire

A manufacturing worker shakes hands with his boss on his first day at a new job.

It takes time and money to hire the right people. With these 5 tips, you can reduce your cost-per-hire—starting today!

According to recent data from The Society for Human Resource Management, the average cost-per-hire is more than $4,000, and it takes about 42 days to fill any given position. Needless to say, hiring the right employees can cost you a lot of time and money. Hiring the wrong employees? That costs even more. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to ensure you’re not only hiring the right people, but you’re reducing your company’s cost-per hire.

How to reduce your average cost-per-hire:
1. Clean Up Your Careers Page
2. Utilize Social Media
3. Look for Internal Solutions
4. Clearly Define the Position
5. Focus on Employee Retention

Ready to learn how to put these tips into practice today? Let’s get started!

1. Rethink Your Careers Page

How much thought went into the careers page on your website? If you’re like many businesses, not nearly enough. Think of your careers page as a portal into your corporate culture where you can showcase your core values and your vision for the future—not just the place where you list your available positions. The best careers pages give candidates a true sense of what it’s like to work for your company while making it easy to apply for a position online.

2. Get the Word Out on Social Media

Social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn are relatively inexpensive to use for hiring new employees. Even a modest investment can put your job opening in front of many qualified candidates targeted by experience, job title, location and many other user-definable characteristics. And, Facebook even allows you to publish job openings right on your company’s page for free, with applications getting sent right to your Facebook messages inbox.

3. Hire from Within Your Company

Do you have a part-time intern who is already trained and proficient at the role you’re trying to fill? Maybe it’s time to talk to her about going full-time. You’ll save money on the job search and you’ll already know what you can expect—both in terms of performance and cultural fit within your organization.

Alternatively, solicit current employees for recommendations. If your team members are generally happy working for you, there’s a good chance they know other people who would fit right in. Some companies even offer employees a bonus if a candidate is hired as a result of a recommendation.

4. Make Sure the Position is Clearly Defined and Agreed Upon

You’d be surprised how many companies stumble here. You might have one idea for what the position entails while your co-workers may have something different in mind. Before you list the position on your website or a job board, align internally on the scope of the position. This will help candidates self-filter their applications so you can focus on people with skillsets that more closely match the responsibilities.

5. Keep the Employees You Have

Remember the number at the top of this post? That $4,000+ investment for hiring a new employee doesn’t include onboarding time. It also doesn’t include the time it takes the average person to become efficient in a new position with a new company. So, by far, the single most important thing you can do to reduce cost-to-hire is to improve your employee retention strategy to keep your best workers on your team.

Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring New Employees

While these tips can definitely help you reduce your hiring costs, there’s always going to be a certain degree of unpredictability around the hiring process. That’s where we come in. Labor Systems Job Center specializes in temporary and personnel staffing solutions that match the right people with the right jobs. Fill out a staffing request today, or learn more about our services.

How to Find a Bartender for Hire on Short Notice

A stylish bartender pours an English barley wine into a glass tulip.

When you need to hire a new bartender, it’s important to consider three traits: Personality, attention to detail and passion.

Replacing any employee unexpectedly can be stressful, especially if it’s your star bartender. You don’t want to make a rushed decision, but you also don’t have time for a lengthy hiring and vetting process. So, how can you quickly find a skilled or experienced bartender for hire?

Three qualities of a great bartender to speed up your search:

1. Charming, charismatic and friendly personality
2. Attention to detail and excellent memory
3. Extensive knowledge and passion for mixology

Luckily, all three of these bartender characteristics will be fairly obvious from the beginning. This means you can focus your attention on candidates who are more likely to be a good fit for your restaurant or bar. Want to learn more? Take a scroll with us.

1. Great Bartenders are Charming, Charismatic and Friendly

Your bartender is the heart and soul of your establishment. This is why it’s critical to find someone who embodies the qualities and values you want your restaurant to be known for. As you’re interviewing candidates, put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask yourself these questions:

  • “Is this someone I want to spend time with?”
  • “Does this person make me feel like I belong here?”

Unlike a server, who checks in with customers a few times throughout the course of a meal, a bartender is always front and center. If you don’t get a positive vibe during the interview, there’s a good chance your customers won’t during their next visit.

2. Great Bartenders are Detail-Oriented

Whether your cocktail program is sophisticated or more traditional, you need to hire a bartender who has an eye for detail and has the memory to recall those little nuances under pressure. What is that regular’s name? How does she like her bourbon—neat or on the rocks? What goes in the featured cocktail this month? To help identify this necessary bartender characteristic, ask your candidates to describe their favorite cocktails and how to make them perfectly.

You aren’t necessarily looking for the most complicated, labor-intensive drinks. You’re listening for the little details your candidate chooses to include—or to omit.

3. Great Bartenders Love What They Do and Do It Well

Even if your establishment only serves craft beer, tending bar is about more than pulling tap handles. It’s about sharing your passion for what goes into the glass with every customer who walks through your doors. Like all great cocktails, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Same goes for the best bartenders. Yes, knowledge and skill are important, but without passion, everything else falls flat.

During the interview, it will be easy to separate candidates who are genuinely excited about this line of work from people just going through the motions.

Need Help Finding a Bartender for Hire?

When a bartender quits unexpectedly or takes a surprise leave of absence, you may not have the time you need to personally interview enough candidates to make an educated hiring decision. That’s where we come in. Labor Systems Job Center specializes in hospitality staffing solutions that match the right people with the right jobs. Fill out a staffing request today, or learn more about our services.