Using a Staffing Agency to Hire Employees: 4 Quick Tips

Young startup executive calls a temporary staffing agency for help filling new and vacant positions.

Remember, you’re not necessarily looking for the agency that can fill your positions the fastest or the cheapest. You’re looking for a partner.

Companies team up with nearby staffing agencies to cover unexpected leaves of absence, seasonal spikes in demand or to fill vacant positions created by employee turnover. Unfortunately, the decision to work with a staffing company is often rushed—driven by an immediate need to find quality employees at a moment’s notice. In a pinch, there’s nothing wrong with this. But there is a better way to use a staffing agency to your advantage.

Tip 1: Be Proactive about Your Current and Future Staffing Needs

Employees get sick. They go on vacation. They take maternity leave. They get promoted within your company. Although you may not be able to predict exactly when these events will occur (wouldn’t it be nice if you could?), you can set yourself up to deal with these vacancies more efficiently with the help of a staffing agency. Start by making a list of the positions you need to fill right now and any positions likely to open up in the near future. As you begin to reach out to staffing agencies near you, a list like this can help you find a great match for your unique needs.

Tip 2: Ask the Right Questions during Your Search for Temp Agencies

If you’re using a staffing agency to hire employees, don’t let your desire to fill open positions quickly lead you to make an uniformed decision. By asking the right questions—and getting the right answers—you can help ensure the staffing agency you choose is a good fit right now and six months from now.

Tip 3: Maintain Open Dialogue with Your Staffing Company

A great staffing agency will do whatever it takes to find qualified, trained employees who are ready to hit the ground running for your company. However, that doesn’t mean every employee who comes your way is right for the job or your environment. This is why it’s in your best interest to let your agency representative know if things just aren’t working out with an employee. The reverse is equally important. The more your staffing agency understands what you prefer to see in an employee, the easier it will be to fill your future positions.

Tip 4: Find a Staffing Partner, not a Staffing Vendor

One way to separate the best staffing agencies from the rest is to pay attention to how they speak about their pool of employees. Do you get the sense that they truly value their employees, or do they seem like commodities? Are they interested in understanding your company, your goals and your pain points? Remember, you’re not necessarily looking for the agency that can fill your positions the fastest or the cheapest. You’re looking for a partner that is interested in forming a mutually beneficial relationship with your company.

Reliable, Flexible Staffing Solutions for You

We’ve been in the temporary staffing business for more than two decades, and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Most importantly? Temporary staffing works best when both parties understand how to get the most out of the relationship. No matter who you choose to partner with, we hope that’s exactly what you find—a true partner. Give us a call to see if we’re the right solution for you, or fill out our form for more information.