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Every business is different, even those that compete in the same industry and go after the same customers. The nuances that exist make for a different set of processes and company culture. As each business is run differently, many managers think that their business is completely individual and that having practices that differ from standards will lead to success. While thinking outside of the box does make you an innovator, it does not mean that you must ignore standards that can and do work for many businesses.

When it comes to getting things done, you have many options. You can:

  • staff your own employees
  • outsource to an expert
  • bring in temporary employees whom you can oversee to ensure quality, without requiring time to hande payroll or compliance issues

Many managers and business owners will use a combination of all three of these tactics in order to accomplish what they need to get done. Using a combination of methods can be a good way to get the job done while remaining cost effective and flexible. Achieving both of those traits will ensure that your business can please customers, continue to grow, and weather financial and situational storms.

Use Temporary Workers to Back up Skilled Staff

Temporary workers can be a valuable resource to any business. They are:

  • Available immediately- Temps are a phone call away, so they can be dispatched almost as quickly as a problem in your business might arise.
  • Cost effective- Temporary workers don’t require payroll expenses, benefits, or insurance costs, which means their total calculated cost can easily be less than that of a full-time worker.

It is understandable that every business would need a certain number of full-time employees who have knowledge of business processes, regular customers and the specific characteristics of the business as an entity. By all means, bring on full-time staff who can provide structure, especially for highly skilled positions. Do not discount the value of using temporary workers to staff your lesser skilled positions. Your skilled positions can be staffed by your full-time people, who are in turn supported by temporary workers. This way you have the peace of mind that full-time employees bring, along with the flexibility and financial benefits that temporary labor can easily provide.

Temporary staff will be supervised by your full-time employees. This way the standards and practices that make your business successful will never be eliminated. They have the skill sets to guide work flow and ensure that your final product is what you intend it to be. They can also maintain customer and supplier relationships, as they will have more time now that they are being supported by temps. You need a chef to source food and design a menu, but a temporary worker can set tables, wash dishes and even prepare food. The same works in an office environment where your full-time account managers meet with customers, while temps file paperwork, schedule meetings with your clients’ assistants, and organize and deliver mail or internal communications.

This marriage of full-time staff and temporary labor can make for a very well organized and well budgeted business. It is obviously appealing to businesses that compete in seasonal industries but can become a seamless part of any organizational structure.


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Finding Quality Employees-That’s Our Job

How long does your hiring process take? Realistically it’s a while from the time you decide that you need to make a hire, to the time that you go through the process and locate a candidate. The shortest turn-around period you can produce is probably about a week. If you value quality, like we do, and want to interview multiple candidates a week can turn into two, maybe three. By now you know that a portion of our value proposition rests on the fact that we can provide you a quality, qualified worker often within the same day. Think about all the time that you can save by skipping the interview process and having an employee start working right away. With Labor Systems, you have peace of mind because you can bring in a temp and try them out before you bring them on. If you want to go with a different worker, no problem, let us know and we will send over someone who better matches your needs. We want you to know that you can trust our interview techniques and that we offer an unconditional guarantee on our temporary workers. On top of not having to interview, you also do not have to deal with the termination process. But what else do we do to ensure that you are happy with our services?

The Hiring Process

Our quality controls begin with the hiring process. We accept resumes and applications online and in person to ensure that we begin with a substantial pool of candidates. Once we have collected this basic information the quality control really begins.

Once we have identified suitable candidates whom we feel confident about representing us in the field, we begin our hiring process. Each hiring manager knows the full array of jobs that a candidate may be placed in. Our hiring experts are also up to date on industry best practices and what it takes to perform effectively in each individual work environment. Due to the fact that we staff workers for a variety of industries, we look for a variety of skills and personality traits in candidates. Our hiring process gives us an idea of where each applicant’s skill set lies and which particular jobs they would excel in. We then take this information and use it to match the right candidates with the right customer. We spend a significant amount of time talking to candidates to ensure that they will be able to perform well for our customers.

Candidates are questioned not only about their skill set that relates directly to the industry, but also about other factors that cue things about them as people and ultimately as employees. We look for things like:

  • Body Language- How people carry themselves plays directly into how they may perform in a work environment. Is their posture relaxed yet not lazy? Are they engaged in the conversation by facing the interviewer and making eye contact? We use body language as one way to gauge how excited they are about their potential employment opportunity.
  • Communication Skills- Without the ability to communicate, a great sounding candidate may not perform effectively. Are they listening and involved in the conversation? Can they answer questions directly and honestly? Do they come across as being friendly or hostile? The ability to communicate is very important in the workplace. Without sound communication skills we will not place a worker in a role that requires skill in this area.
  • Do They Have any Questions? – While we do most of the questioning, we like to see engaged candidates. Are they asking questions about how to best be prepared to provide quality labor to multiple employers? Do they ask questions to clarify anything, ensuring that they want to stay on top of the potential positions? When a candidate has pertinent questions we are able to discern that they can think on their feet. The ability to think and problem solve will make them a better fit for all of our clients even in cases where the job requirements do not call for a great amount of decision making or an advanced skill set.
  • Competency- While we staff many unskilled positions, we hate the stigma that unskilled laborers might not be competent. After all, every construction foreman and office manager started somewhere. We specifically look for signs that an employee is capable of reacting in multiple situations. How do they answer questions from a “what would you do” standpoint? Can they come up with multiple reasonable points of view on a given issue or topic? Can they tell a story from their past that illustrates their ability to tackle out-of-the-ordinary situations? We look for employees that can perform effectively in multiple positions in the field.

It is generally easy to assess how well a candidate knows a given industry. Our interviewers can ask direct questions and find out about each candidate’s background as it is relevant to the industry in which they will be a temp. Some candidates have the skill set to work in multiple industries and in those cases we know we have found a worker that will prove their value to our customers.

After our hiring process we select the best candidates from the applicant pool. All of our temps can be made subject to background tests as well as drug tests at the request of our clients. Our policies are very clear about our intolerance of intoxicants as they relate to work and of our expectations for their on-the-job behavior. If you are ever unhappy with a temp for any reason, take advantage of our commitment to flexibility and ask us to send you one of our workers who better fits your needs.

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